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オンラインヨガ Online yoga を開催しています。プライベートレッスンのご要望の方は、いつでも連絡ください。




自分の人生と向き合う特別な時間を一緒に過ごし、内側から輝いて自由に自分らしく生きていくサポートをしていきたい、と願っています。: Retreat



Hi I’m Ayano

Hello, my name is Ayano.

 Thank you for visiting my website. Around 2011, I was introduced to yoga by my Kripal Yoga teacher and began attending yoga classes with the intuition that I would enjoy it. Since then, I’ve been practising.

From 2018 to 2022, I will be working as a career yoga instructor in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

I’ll be staying on Koh Phangan in Thailand until July 2022 to transition to a new stage. This summer, I am planning a yoga retreat on Koh Phangan for the future, and I am meeting with the instructor I will be inviting.

I spent two months in Europe this summer and am now in Malaysia.

My ambition is to discover where I want to build my life.

The answer is yes.

My answer is move abroad.

It is a diary of living abroad and doing what I like, such as travel tips, Life ,Yoga, and delicious local meals.

Online yoga I do online yoga twice in a week. If you have any requests for private lessons, please leave a comment or message us. I eagerly await your response. : Online Class

In 2023, we are planning to hold a yoga retreat on Koh Phangan, Thailand, with the concept of “traveling yoga retreats that connect people and lands with whom you have a connection” to face your life and soul with people with whom you have a connection while traveling on your favorite trip.We hope to spend a special time together to face your life and support you to live your life freely from the inside out:Retreat

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