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I’m struggle with over thinking, and I know that I’m not alone. the issue is that while some simply overthink to process and work out problems in their lives, sometime we talk to far and become obsessive about a particular thoughts form.

For me, I feel that if I think about something over and over again, look at it from every perspective possible, and play out any situation I can come up with in mind, I would be able to control it … which is simply not the case.

The exact opposite is true. In fact. If we just stop trying to control everything, stop trying to think up everything that could possibly be thought up, and just trust and surrender…
Things would work out exactly the way we want them to.

It is our endless thoughts that interefare with the process. So what do we do ?

we observe the thougts, we should ourselves up.

Thank you my heart trying to protect me in the only way I know how.

Let go now.

Heart and spirit, lead the way.

I trust and I surrender.

Thank you Universe guiding me.

He is the sun that makes me shine , light up the whole world .